49ers Loss to Texans By 17-0 | Highlights Here

49ers Loss to Texans By 17-0 | Highlights Here

The preseason is finally over. The 49ers stars and starters will now be the center of the game.

  • However, if the two or three drives the starters received today are any indication, there will be some loose ends that need to be tied up.
  • In the 49ers 17-0 loss to the Texans, their defense collapsed on almost every pass return by Trey Lance.
  • Lance finished the day 7-of-11, with one carry for one yard and 49 yards on three carries.
  • He wasn’t as flashy as his first preseason game, but he didn’t have the same pass protection.
  • The 49ers don’t want Lance running for his life every play. The pass blocking was simply unacceptable.
  • All eyes now turn to 9/11 as the 49ers head to Chicago to kick off their 2022 campaign.

49ers vs Texans Highlights Here

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