A hurricane will pass through California

A hurricane will pass through California

A hurricane will pass through California. More extreme weather is expected in Southern California this week as a hurricane spins in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Mexico.

 As it moves north, it may bring heavy rainfall and the threat of flash flooding. And far from providing relief from California’s extreme heat, hurricane-force winds could actually raise temperatures in some places.

 Hurricane Kay is forecast to track north, parallel to the Baja California peninsula, until Friday. It then turns west off the coast just short of the US-Mexico border. But not before making the nearest drive to Southern California.

Kay is expected to remain at hurricane strength until about 250 miles from San Diego. But the storm doesn’t have to be severe “for it to be a major concern for Southern California,” Brandt Maxwell said.

Meteorologists warn that the system could intensify rather than alleviate the region’s extreme heat woes. Winds could gust to more than 60 miles per hour as the system interacts with Southern California’s mountainous terrain.

It will be similar to the Santa Ana wind phenomenon that typically occurs in the fall and winter. Temperatures could reach 100 degrees in coastal areas of San Diego and Orange County on Friday.

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