Sanna Marin Party Video

Finnish PM Sanna Marin Party Video Viral, Sparks Criticism

Finnish PM Sanna Marin Party Dance Video Viral, Sparks Criticism: Finland’s Prime Minister Sanna Marin, 36, had a party with friends a few days ago. A video of the party has gone viral on social media. Then there was a storm of criticism in Finland.

Many say it is not appropriate for the prime minister to do such a dance at the party when Finland is facing its worst economic crisis in 38 years and ordinary people are suffering due to rising electricity prices.

In 2019, Anna Marin became the Prime Minister of Finland as the youngest Prime Minister in the history of the world. He was only 34 years old then. A leader of Finland’s opposition party has claimed that Prime Minister Sanna Marin needs to be drug tested. Because they fear he is a drug addict.

However, the Prime Minister has denied being drug addict. He said that he only partied with his friends. He only drank alcohol at the party. Prime Minister Sanna Marin said Thursday about the video going viral, “I knew it was being videoed; But I am distressed that it has been made public.

He also said, I danced, sang and partied. Which is certainly valid. I have never been anywhere where there are drugs or drug addicts. He also said, I have a family life. I have a work life and free time to spend with friends. Like everyone my age does. He said, do not bring any change in yourself. And he hopes others will take it for granted.

However, Finland’s opposition leader Rikka Pura said the prime minister should voluntarily undergo a drug test. Because there are doubts about him. However, some opposition party leaders said that the media and politicians are discussing the matter more. There is no need for that.

See Sanna Marin Party Video

Finnish PM Sanna Marin Party Video Viral, Sparks Criticism

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