Gold Price Today 22K : Live Gold Price

Gold price Today In Bangladesh 2022: All of you gold price has been much higher than everything else for ages. And we all know that gold is one of the most expensive and valuable commodities in almost all the countries of the world, so this post will give detailed information about the price of gold in Bangladesh today in 2022. According to the latest news of Prothom Alo today, the price of 22 carat gold = 79,521 BD. The last time gold prices rose was on May 28. ( gold price today 22k 79,521 BDT)

We always update the gold price of this post as the gold price changes all the time so feel free to read this post in full and you can also share.

So like the people of all countries, the people of Bangladesh and the price of gold, we are asking each other at the port market, and all of us are very interested to know the price ( Live Gold Price ) you will always hear it from everyone .

Today gold price / Live Gold Price today

What is the price of 22ct gold price today ?

22 carat gold is widely traded in Bangladesh and this type of gold is very popular all over the world. The purity of 22 carat gold is 91.60% in the market. As you know, the price of gold is constantly declining. The latest price is buying and selling according to this price, so at present the price of this 22 carat gold rate today is  89,521. Today’s Live Gold price of 22 carat gold is 69,521 TK.

21 karat gold rate today?

This carat gold is a little less than 22 carat gold but 21 carat gold is also much better and its purity is 7.50% and the price of this type of gold is 75,908 Bangladeshi rupees. At present, the price of 21 carat gold in the market has come down a lot and the price of this 21 carat gold is 65,908 taka. Those of you who have a little less budget can buy 21 ct gold, of course it will be much better. (21 Ct gold price 75,906 BDT)

18 karat gold price in Bangladesh 2022?

Everyone has the ability to buy this type of gold because many of us are 22,21,24, buying carat gold is very expensive, it will be very easy for them to buy 18 carat gold and this type of gold is very good quality and its purity is about 80% and this carat gold The price will be 65,072 Bangladeshi rupees. If this type of gold is sold through traditional method, the price of gold in traditional method will be 75,062 taka. At present, the market price of 18 carat gold is 80.00% and the price of 18 carat gold is  83,569. (18 Carat gold price 65,062 BDT)

Bangladesh Jewelers Association Latest Update (Gold Price)

Bangladesh Jewelers Association always gives detailed updates about the price of gold, BAJUS (Bangladesh Jewelers Samity) The latest gold price published by BAJUS is given below:

Gold Price Today 22K : Live Gold Price

Types Of Gold- Gold Rate Bangladesh

Gold is divided into many kinds of parts on the basis of carat as for example 24 carat, 22 carat, 21 carat, 18 carat etc. if you want to know what is carat you have to know the details. Carat is a unit which used to denote the quality or purity of gold. The high-quality carat maximum 24, this is the purest gold. So, lets know about the difference between 24 carat, 22 carat and 18 carat gold.

Gold Price Today 22K : Live Gold Price

Bangladesh Gold Price Per Vori

1 Vori Gold price in Bangladesh today:

22 CARAT Gold Price= 75,000 BD taka, 21 Carat Gold Price= 71,675 BD Taka. 18 Carat Gold Price= 61,819 BD Taka.

Traditional method Gold Price in Bangladesh 51,205 Taka.

Buying System of Gold in Bangladesh

There are usually two types of gold buyers in Bangladesh.

1st One is buying gold bars at low prices and selling them at higher prices.
Another is to buy gold jewelry or things made for practical needs.

According to survey, most of the gold buyers in Bangladesh are ordinary people. people buy gold from goldsmiths to make jewelry. The amount of gold in 24 karat is 100 percent, so the price of 24 ct gold is also higher in Bangladesh.

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