Google AdSense Policies, Terms and Conditions Details Here

Google AdSense Policies, Terms and Conditions Details Here

Google AdSense is an advertisement program that allows any “blogger” or “YouTube channel” owner to earn money online from home.

Google AdSense policy in Bangla.

And, nowadays, making money through Google AdSense has become a very popular process among the people.

Because, today any blog or YouTube channel can earn a lot of money only through this.

Moreover, compared to other ad-networks on the Internet, “Google AdSense” gives us the opportunity to earn more.

This is because “CPC” and “CTR” are found in a large number of ads displayed by AdSense.

However, just as Google AdSense is a very popular and highly lucrative medium for blogs and websites, getting approval for AdSense is not an easy task.

This means that in order to get Google AdSense, first of all your website or YouTube channel will review by AdSense.

And, if your website or YouTube channel complies with all the terms and conditions of AdSense, you will only approve and you will the opportunity to earn money by placing ads.

So, the way to get Google AdSense is not as straightforward as most people think.

Also, keep in mind that even after getting a Google AdSense account, you must always abide by certain Google AdSense policies, terms and conditions.

In that case, the ad-limit may come to your account at any time.

However, in some cases, the fear of complete account suspension remains.

So friends, if you want to make money from blogs or YouTube using AdSense, then you have to follow the rules and monetization rules.

In this article I will tell you,

  • What are the rules for getting Google AdSense for website?
  • What are AdSense program policies?
  • And What are Google AdSense publisher policies?

YouTube AdSense rules and monetization rules

These Google AdSense policies and rules are important for a blogger or YouTube channel to know.

What are the rules for getting Google AdSense in case of website?
As a blogger, everyone applies for “Google AdSense” at some point.

However, in this case, a very small number of blogs or websites are approved by AdSense.

Because, there are very few websites that follow the rules of AdSense from the beginning.

In the case of blogs, I have already told you the rules for getting AdSense approval fast.

Below are some rules that you can easily get AdSense account approval.

Point to remember before applying for AdSense

Remember, the tips or rules I will give below for getting AdSense approval are from my 7 years of blogging experience.

Not all of this information is officially provided by Google AdSense.

  • Use a premium domain extension such as .in, .com, .info, .org, for your blog.
  • In your blog or website, you must create privacy policy, contact us, about us and disclaimer pages.
  • On the privacy policy page of the blog you should mention that you are using 3rd party advertisement network like “Google AdSense” in your blog.
  • The privacy policy page also states that third party vendors, such as Google, are using cookies for advertising purposes.
  • The loading speed of your website should be fast and the website or blog should be clean. Don’t design a website with too much fuss.
  • Your blog site should have at least 25 good high quality and unique articles published. As such, AdSense has not officially commented on this, although it is quickly gaining approval.
  • Do not use copyright images or content from other websites in your blog articles.
  • If you are applying for Google Adsense, do not use any other advertisement network.
  • Try to make sure that the articles written in your blog are written in less than 1500 words.
  • Then, apply for Google AdSense using the rules mentioned above.

For those who are looking for an easy way to get Google Adsense, these tips will prove to be very useful.

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What are Google Adsense publishers policies?

Now many of you may think that once you get Google AdSense approval, there is no more worry or fear.

Remember, if your website does not comply with the “Webmaster quality guidelines”, “adsense publisher policies” and “adsense program policies” in the future, you may fear “ad serving limit” and “complete account suspension” in your adsense account. There will be.

As a result, you can no longer make money through AdSense advertising.

However, if your adsense account shows “ad limit”, it means,

“Blogs or websites will show fewer ads as a result of policy violations.”

However, if you can correct your mistake, the ad-limit will remove from your account within a few days.

However, if the entire account has been suspended or disabled as a result of a policy violation or violation of the rules, then that account will not return.

Therefore, as much as it is profitable to make money from your blog and website through advertising using AdSense, it is important to abide by all its policies, terms and conditions.

Google adsense publisher policies in Bengali

I am telling you these publisher policies in Bengali as my own.

However, if you want, you can find the English version by searching on Google.

  • Google does not allow content that promotes any illegal content or illegal activity or infringes on the legal rights of others. In this case, you must stay away from this type of illegal content.
  • Copyright infringes, meaning you can’t use any kind of copied content. Suppose you are publishing content written by someone else on your blog. Also, do not use other people’s images on your blog without permission.
  • Cannot promote product selling related to endangered or threatened species. For example, Sale of tigers, shark fins, elephant ivory, tiger skins, rhino horn, dolphin oil, etc.
  • Content involving false claims, forgery and fraud will not accept.
  • Dangerous, harmful or harmful content will not accept.
  • Content with dishonest behavior will not accept by AdSense. For example, creating fake documents or providing information on hacking and cracking software illegally.
  • Content created by using false or inaccurate information to mislead people and misleading them will not accept. For example, promoting any product, service or content by making false or false claims.
  • Promoting malicious and unneeded software or using them on a website will not accept.
  • Any kind of sexually explicit content such as graphic sexual text, image, audio, video, or adult games will not accept.
    For more specific information, go to the Google publisher policies link.

So, the google publisher policy has some important issues and rules that must be fully complied with.

Then you will get google adsense approval and you will not be afraid of disabling your account in future.

Adsense program policies in Bengali

Now try to understand the AdSense policies and rules very well and main blogging as much as possible.

In that case, Google will be able to disable the AdSense account at any time by stopping advertising on your website.

And, turning on a disabled AdSense account is not possible.

Therefore, to protect your Google AdSense account from being disabled, you must comply with these policies.

  • Publishers should not click on their own website ads.
  • You will not encourage your friends or acquaintances to click or view ads on your blog. Moreover, any process of getting click or view in illegal advertisement will not be accepted.
  • You may not display your adsense ads on any blog page or content that does not comply with the above “Google publisher policies” and violates them.
  • Do not add AdSense ads to any site, page or content where there is a fear of “abusive experiences”. Abusive experiences can be called “offensive experiences” in Bengali.
  • Be sure to upload the “ads.txt” file to the root section of your website’s server. Read the Ads.txt guide.
    Remember, google adsense only likes organic search engine traffic. So, make sure that your website gets more traffic and visitors coming from search engines. However, traffic from social media is not really a problem.
  • However, do not add ads to any page or content where visitors are coming from different traffic sources. Do not bring traffic to the website using bot traffic, automatic software traffic and traffic exchange services.
  • Do not add your adsense ad codes to inappropriate places like popups, e-mails or software.
  • Your website behavior should be normal and any unusual behavior on the website such as redirecting users to unnecessary websites, manually downloading browser files, adding malware, popup or pop-under.
  • Read and understand the above topics well and use the AdSense code on your blog or website in this way.

To find out more, go to the “AdSense program policies” link.

Remember, even after getting Google AdSense account approval, you have to pay attention to the above mentioned issues.

Otherwise, there is always the fear of your AdSense account suspended or disabled.

YouTube AdSense Monetization Rules

In this case, AdSense rules, policies and terms are almost the same for websites and YouTube.

However, since YouTube is a video portal, the rules for getting approval for Google AdSense are different.

Moreover, I have already told you about the “new rules and regulations of YouTube” through my previous article.

So in the case of YouTube, you can go to this link and know.


Our last word

So friends, you must have understood that Google’s policies, terms and conditions must compile with in order to get approval for Google AdSense.

However, I repeat that AdSense rules and policies will always adhere to.

In this case, your AdSense account can disable at any time.

Remember, Google’s policies and rules are design for the benefit of everyone.

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