How to feed a child of 6 months to 2 years? Baby Food List

Children are beautiful. And newborn means another name for love and care. There is no substitute for mother’s milk for the baby after birth. Mother’s milk is the best food. Breastfeeding doesn’t need to be timed. When the child is hungry, the mother feels it. Only then can the baby be fed. But as the baby grows, it needs other food besides mother’s milk. Complementary food should be given to the baby after the baby completes 6 months. Let’s find out what the child’s diet should look like at different ages. Now discuss Below About Baby Food List.

Children’s food list according to different ages

6-7 months buying testosterone enanthate online in australia old baby food

At this age, the weight of the child is about 6 kg and he needs 700 kilocalories. This is when complementary foods should be started. If it is later than this, the children can taste the food and do not want to eat it.

How to feed a child of 6 months to 2 years? Baby Food List

Baby’s first food can be started by making banana paste with milk or cooking suji with milk. Rice powder, flour etc. can also be boiled and diluted with milk. Seasonal fruits like ripe banana, ripe papaya, sweet fruits can be given to the baby.

7-9 months old baby food

At this age the child is somewhat mature and able to eat fruits and grains. At this time the caloric demand of food needs to be increased. The amount of water in the food can be reduced and the food can be given in a slightly thicker consistency. At this time, the child tries to eat with his own hands.

How to feed a child of 6 months to 2 years? Baby Food List

Colour increases attraction to it, food also increases attraction. At this time, among the simple vegetarian dishes, boiled potatoes, boiled seasonal vegetables, and can be eaten as a snack. Such vegetables like cauliflower, cabbage, papaya, when boiled, these vegetables become soft which is digestible by the baby. Little oil should be added to baby food. As a result, vitamins in fat are easily absorbed.

9-12 months old baby food

At this time, food can be given almost like adults. Children can eat more dense food than before. Foods such as soft khichuri, boiled eggs, pulses, rice, milk-bread, curd, milk, pudding etc. should be fed to the child. They are also nutritional supplements. The soup can be prepared for the baby and given 4-5 times.

 1-2 year old baby food list

Normal food at home can be given to children like adults. But it is better to give soft and less spicy food. 100 kcal per kg of body weight should be provided from dense food rather than thin food. A small amount of oil and sugar is needed for a baby of this age. At this time, 50-75 grams of food should be given once every 2-3 hours 5-6 times a day.

 1 chart of child’s calorie needs

Age (Months) Calories Requirement
0-3 120
3-6 115
6-9 110
9-12 105
Average 112

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