Medical Studies in Germany – In English And within 6 Years

Medical studies in Germany are a great opportunity for international students to pursue their dreams of becoming a doctor. With the help of German universities, medical degrees can be obtained within six years. The first two years of study will involve exams and lectures focusing on general medicine topics.
In the next four years, clinical rotations and specialized electives will be taken along with additional examinations. After successful completion of all courses, an examination known as Staatsexamen must be passed before graduation is granted and you may become eligible to practice as a medical professional in Germany or abroad.

Medical studies in Germany offer a great opportunity for students wishing to pursue a career in healthcare. With tuition fees being relatively low compared to other countries, and the ability to complete an entire medical degree within 6 years, Germany provides an ideal setting for foreign students looking to gain knowledge and skills in medicine. The country is home to some of the world’s leading research universities, making it the perfect place for those who want to study advanced techniques while keeping their costs down.
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How Many Years Does It Take to Study Medicine in Germany?

In Germany, it usually takes six years to complete a full medical degree. This includes four years of study and two years of practical experience in a clinical setting. Below is an overview of the timeline for completing a medical degree in Germany:
• Year 1-3: Complete basic science courses such as anatomy, biochemistry and physiology. • Year 4: Study clinical medicine topics such as internal medicine, surgery and psychiatry. • Years 5-6: Participate in supervised residency training at various hospitals or other healthcare settings.

Therefore, it typically takes six years to become a fully qualified doctor in Germany after successfully completing undergraduate studies.
Can International Students Study Medicine in Germany in English?
Yes, international students can study medicine in Germany in English. The following points outline the process: • Check university website for list of available courses and admission requirements
• Prepare relevant documents such as academic transcripts, language test scores etc. • Submit online application to the desired university on time • Wait for response from the university

Once accepted, international students can attend medical school in Germany taught entirely in English with no prior knowledge of German language required.
Are There Any English Medical Schools in Germany?
No, there are no English medical schools in Germany. However, there are a few universities that offer courses taught in English: * University of Bonn – offers several undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in English
* Jacobs University Bremen – offers numerous science and engineering programmes conducted entirely in English * Berlin Institute of Technology (TU Berlin) – provides some degree programmes such as physics and chemistry entirely in English. Additionally, some universities provide the option to take certain classes or modules with lectures held in English for international students.

How Many Years Will It Take to Complete Mbbs in Germany?

MBBS in Germany usually takes 6 years to complete. It includes: • 4-years of pre-clinical studies and practical training;

• 1 year of general clinical internships with rotations through different medical specialties; • The final year consists of a thesis project and an internship in a specific specialty field. Therefore, it will take 6 years for someone to complete MBBS in Germany.

Study Medicine in Germany in English

Studying medicine in Germany is an option for international students who want to pursue a medical degree but don’t speak German. Many universities offer programs taught entirely in English, so you can learn from the best of German medical training without having to learn the language first. You will be able to take advantage of lower tuition fees and gain valuable experience living abroad while still obtaining a high-quality education that meets all standards set by the European Union.

The country’s cutting-edge research facilities and highly developed healthcare system make studying medicine in Germany an attractive proposition for those looking for an international career in medicine.


Medical Studies in Germany is a great opportunity for English speakers to get an education abroad. With the introduction of medical studies taught in English, more students are able to attend German universities and gain access to a world-class education. The six-year program allows students to complete their degree quickly while still having time to explore all that Germany has to offer.

For those looking for an international experience, Medical Studies in Germany provides a unique and rewarding educational experience.

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