Student Housing in Newcastle – 2023-24 Student Accommodation

By 2023-24, Newcastle will have a range of student accommodation options available to students. These can include purpose-built student housing complexes, private rented houses and flats or shared accommodation with other students. Student housing complexes usually offer single rooms, twin rooms or larger bedrooms for up to four people in one living space.They typically provide communal areas such as kitchens, bathrooms and laundry facilities that are shared by multiple tenants.

Private rented properties may come fully furnished including beds and desks while some landlords may require the tenant to furnish their own bedroom/living space in addition to any communal areas. Shared accommodation is usually an economical option but requires good communication between all occupants on housekeeping duties such as cleaning schedules etc., In either case it is important for potential tenants to research the area carefully before committing financially so they can make an informed decision about what type of environment best suits their needs.

The student housing landscape in Newcastle is set to be transformed over the next few years, with a range of new 2023-24 student accommodation options being developed. From modern purpose-built units to converted traditional buildings, these developments will provide students with more choice than ever before when selecting their ideal place to live and study. With the potential for increased convenience, comfort and affordability, these upcoming changes are sure to make university life easier for students throughout Newcastle.

Which is the Best Accomodation at Newcastle University?
Newcastle University is renowned for its modern, comfortable accommodation options that cater to the needs of both domestic and international students. With a range of on-site residences such as Castle Leazes, Northumbria Court and David Puttnam House, plus off-campus properties in nearby Jesmond or Heaton areas, there are plenty of choices when it comes to finding the best accommodation at Newcastle University. For those looking for a luxurious student experience with all inclusive facilities including B&B options and en suite bathrooms, then Castle Leazes is an ideal choice.

Located right on campus this residence provides excellent comfort levels while keeping you close to lectures and other university amenities. Meanwhile Northumbria Court offers great value for money along with spacious self-catered apartments that let you take control over your own cooking arrangements. For those wishing to stay closer to town then David Puttnam House can provide a more homely environment with some rooms even having their own garden patios!
Ultimately no matter what type of living arrangement suits you best there’s sure to be something available which will make your stay at Newcastle University an enjoyable one!
Does Newcastle Uni Have Accommodation?

Yes, Newcastle University offers a range of accommodation options for students. There are three main student housing choices: self-catered halls of residence, private sector accommodation and university owned and managed residences. In the self-catered halls of residence, students are provided with their own room and access to shared kitchen facilities that they can use to cook their own meals.
Private sector accommodation provides fully furnished flats or houses near the campus in which students can live independently. The university also owns and manages several residences located within easy walking distance from the main campus buildings providing private single study bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms in cluster flats with shared kitchen/dining facilities. All these options offer flexible timescales allowing you to stay any time from one semester up to academic year if required by your course duration.

This wide variety of onsite accommodation makes it easier for new students joining Newcastle University to settle down quickly into this vibrant city!

Can Only Students Live in Student Accommodation?

Student accommodation is designed with the specific needs of students in mind and as such, it often presents a great living option for those studying at college or university. However, it’s important to note that student accommodation isn’t exclusive to just students. While there may be certain restrictions in place, depending on the type of student residence you are considering renting, other people can also live in student housing.

This includes families and couples who meet the criteria set out by their chosen provider. Student residences typically have common areas where residents can socialize and many offer additional amenities like gyms or study rooms which can be beneficial for all types of tenants. Ultimately, although an abundance of benefits come with living in a student residence, whether you are a student or not should not be seen as an obstacle when deciding if this type of accommodation is right for your lifestyle needs.

How Do I Find a Flatmate at Newcastle University?

If you are looking for a flatmate at Newcastle University, there are several options available to you. First, you can search the student housing section of the university’s website which will provide details of all on-campus accommodation and who is living in each location. You could also check out dedicated websites such as Spare Room or UniFlats where people advertise specifically for flatmates at universities around the country.

Another option is to join one of the many Facebook groups set up by students from your university who are looking for someone to share with – this is also a good way to find out about off-campus properties that may be available too. Finally, if you know anyone else studying at Newcastle then it’s worth asking them if they need a flatmate or know somebody who does – word of mouth can often be an effective way to find somewhere suitable!

Student Accommodation Newcastle

Newcastle is a great city for students who are looking for good quality accommodation near their university or college. Student accommodation in Newcastle offers something to suit all budgets and tastes, from private student housing to shared apartments and en-suite rooms. With its central location, it’s easy to get around the city and explore all that it has to offer.

Plus, with so many cultural attractions nearby, you can enjoy a vibrant nightlife scene without having to travel too far. So if you’re looking for student housing in Newcastle – look no further!


This blog post has provided an overview of student housing in Newcastle for the academic year 2023-24. It is clear that there are a variety of accommodation options available to students, ranging from on-campus university halls of residence to private student houses and flats. With careful research and consideration, it is possible for students to find suitable accommodation that meets their needs and budget.

Additionally, by taking into account factors such as location, amenities, size and facilities offered by different providers can help make the search even easier. Ultimately, with the right guidance and advice anyone can find their perfect place for living during their studies in Newcastle!

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