The United Arab Emirates has announced a possible date for Eid Ul-Azha

Eid-ul-Azha may be celebrated on July 9 (Saturday) in the United Arab Emirates.

Astronomers in the UAE have suggested this possibility based on an observation. This information was given in a report of Khaleej Times on Wednesday (June 22).

According to astronomical calculations, the Islamic month of Jilhaj may start on June 30 (Thursday). That day will be the first day of the month of Jilhaj. And next July 8 is the day of Holy Arafa. As such, Eid-ul-Azha will be celebrated in the United Arab Emirates on July 9 (10 Zilhaj). Muslims observe Arafah Day on the 9th of July (July 7).

A four-day holiday (July 7 to July 11) will be available in the UAE for the Eid festival.

Eid Ul Azha possible Date

Every year in the month of Jilhaj, the holy Hajj of Muslims is held in Makkah, Saudi Arabia. This process ends with the sacrifice on the day of Eid-ul-Azha.

Muslim Brother, I am thankful to Allah that He has made you live a long time, which has given you the opportunity to reach these days and to worship and do good deeds in order to attain nearness to Allah.

Eid is a feature of the Ummah and a shining example of religion. It is your job to discover what that is and to bring it about. Allaah says (interpretation of the meaning):

ذَٰلِكَۖ وَمَن يُعَظِّمۡ شَعَٰٓئِرَ ٱللَّهِ فَإِنَّهَا مِن تَقۡوَى ٱلۡقُلُوبِ ٣٢ ﴾ [الحج : ٣٢]

Here are some brief etiquettes and rules regarding Eid:

1. Takbeer: Saying takbeer from Fajr on the day of Arafa to the end of Tashreeq, that is, on the thirteenth day of the month of Zilhaj.

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