Virus Attack On Computer Or Laptop and Solutions

Virus Attack On Computer Or Laptop and Solutions

In today’s article we will learn about the symptoms of computer virus infection. Today we will discuss how to understand if your computer has a virus.

We connect various external storage drives like pen-drive, hard-drive, mobile etc. to our computer almost all the time and exchange files.

In addition, at present every computer system connect to the Internet and through the Internet we access various online websites.

However, we do not consider it necessary to comment on such fabrications.

Therefore, computer viruses can enter due to these various activities carried out by a laptop or computer system.

And it’s true that many times we can’t even tell ourselves when and how a virus enters our computer.

Computer features and classification
However, if the virus has entered your computer in any way, you will definitely see some symptoms.

List of symptoms of computer virus infection

One of the most important symptoms of a computer virus is “slowing down the computer by itself”.

So, if our computer is slow, hangs or restarts on its own without any reason, then the chances of your computer getting infect are much higher.

In addition to the computer being slow, there are other symptoms that can use to detect the presence of a virus in the computer.

The computer is working slow

As I said before, if the speed of your computer suddenly decreases a lot, then your computer must be trapped by a virus. Computer viruses, of course, slow down the computer in the first place.

Because, the job of viruses is to keep doing something inside your computer.

And so, the speed of the computer will decrease a lot or the computer will continue to hang.

If your computer has become very slow on its own due to which you do not understand then make sure to scan the whole computer with a good and premium antivirus.

Too late to start

If your computer has been booted or started too early and it has been taking a long time to boot, then there is a good chance that a virus will be responsible for it.

Because, whenever you want to start the computer by pressing the power button of your computer, the viruses in your computer will be activated and will start working in the background.

As a result, the computer’s processors and other software / hardware become very slow, so it takes them a long time to start the computer.

The computer is restarting automatically

There are, of course, many other reasons why a computer should restart on its own. Be aware, however, that a computer virus is a major cause of system restart.

So, if you are experiencing this problem then you must try to complete-scan your entire computer with a good antivirus.

Programs or software are taking time to open

If you suddenly click on computer programs or software for a few days, if they are taking a long time to open, then this is also a sign that a virus is hiding in your computer.

The reason for this is the same, your system gets busy when the viruses are working inside them.

In this case, later when you instruct the computer to launch a new program or software, it works much slower because it is already busy.

Remember, most computer viruses use your system’s resources almost all the time.

The computer hangs while running

A lot of times it happens that you are working on your computer and suddenly the computer hangs.

Thus, if your computer RAM, storage or processor power / speed is too low, the system will hang.

But here I am talking about those who have good quality processor, storage and RAM installed in their computer.

So, if the computer hangs suddenly for a few days, know that the cause of this problem is definitely a computer virus.

Unknown programs / software installed

If an unknown program, file, or software has install on your computer by itself, but you know that you have not installed it, you need to make sure that it is a virus.

There are many computer viruses that enter your computer and automatically install other programs or software on your computer.

Cannot install or uninstall programs / software

There are many times when you get such problems that nothing is uninstalling or installing programs or software from your computer.

In many cases, the cause is a computer virus, although many other reasons can cause this type of problem.

Error message and system crash

Many times when a virus is living in our computer, we often see various error messages and system crashes. If you suddenly get these kinds of problems without any reason, then it must be a virus.

Frequent pop-up windows

If you are working on a computer, or while the computer is running, then every now and then there are some unexpected pop-ups that you don’t know about, then it could be a computer virus.

Suddenly a lot of ads are coming

When we access some untrusted websites from our own computer, many times adware viruses from them enter our computer.

As a result, when you open the entire computer, web browser, or any program, only the ads appear on the screen.

There is nothing that you can do about it.

So, if all of a sudden on the computer screen in any case only the pop-up of the ad is showing, then it is a direct adware virus.

What to do if the computer is infected with a virus?

If you think that your computer also has a virus or is likely to be infected, then first of all you need to use a good and premium antivirus software.

1. A good antivirus software and a full system scan through an anti-malware program.

This way, if you have a virus on your computer, it will caught and it can be deleted.

2. If you can’t delete those viruses or infected files, then restore your computer directly.

3. Now, if by any means you can’t delete those viruses from your computer, then the only effective and effective way is to “reinstall the OS”.

As a result, every old files, programs, data, OS, etc. will delete from your system and only the newly installed OS and its associated files and programs will remain.

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Our last word,

So friends, through the above mention computer virus infection symptoms you can know whether your computer or laptop is infect with the virus or not.

In addition, we have discussed below some of the solutions that can use to delete viruses from the computer.

Understanding whether or not a computer has a virus is often a straightforward task if we keep a close eye on our system’s behavior.

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