What is Microsoft Windows? Its advantages, features and types

What is Microsoft Windows? Today we will talk about this.

Nowadays, almost everyone has used one or the other device of Windows OS.

Maybe you used a Windows laptop, computer or Windows smartphone?

However, even if you are using a Windows device, many people do not know much about Windows.

Because, getting any information in Bengali on the internet is not a convenient job at all.

But don’t worry, if you want to know in Bengali what “windows” and its “advantages and features”,

Then through today’s article you will get complete information related to MS Windows.

Many of you may have heard of Microsoft’s “Windows Operating System”.

However, you may not know what an operating system is and how it works.

And this, Microsoft Windows is a popular Operating System (OS) that we all know about.

Below I will tell you about what Windows means after “operating system”.

Because, Windows means an operating system, and so to understand about Windows, it is important to know about your operating system.

So let’s go, below we don’t know directly what Windows Operating System.

What is Microsoft Windows? Its advantages, features and types

What is Microsoft Windows?

What are windows? (About Windows)
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Windows is a “graphical interface operating system” created by a famous IT company called Microsoft Corporation.

This operating system is used to manage and control different devices.

For example, computers, laptops or smartphones use Microsoft’s Windows OS to manage and control them.

Microsoft Windows is the most popular, popular and widely used operating system.

Due to the modern and high quality graphical display and features, this OS has become popular nowadays.

As such, Microsoft Windows was the first operating system to be accessed through Graphical Display.

However, before the advent of this advanced and modern operating system, people used the command line of MS-Dos OS.

The reason why Microsoft Windows is so popular and famous is that this OS is very easy to use.

When we install Windows OS on a computer device,

Then that device became useful for the use of common people.

Because, after installing Windows, you can easily do different things in your computer device.

For example, using different applications, storing files, playing games, watching videos & movies, using internet etc.

The first version of Microsoft Windows was released on November 10, 1983 with version 1.0.

Since then, however, many improved and updated versions of Windows have been released.

Currently, Microsoft Windows 10 is the latest Windows version.

Windows OS is widely used in personal computers (PCs) at home and in the office.

So you understand, “what is windows“?

Windows is a GUI-based operating system.

Why was Windows named?

Now you may be asking, “Why was Windows named after an operating system?”

But the answer is very straightforward,

Earlier operating systems had command line-styled interfaces where computers could be instructed using separate command lines.

However, Microsoft Windows was a modern GUI-based OS where each content, file or software was opened on Windows with a different screen.

That is, if you open an application, it will open in a separate windows screen,

And again if you open another application or media file at the same time, it will also open in a separate window screen.

Therefore, this operating system was named “Windows“.

And, thanks to the convenience of Windows operating system opening in these different windows screen, Multitasking between computer devices has become much easier.

What is operating system?

I have already told you about the operating system.

However, since Microsoft Windows is an operating system (OS),

So if you want to understand what OS is first.

Operating system can also be called system software.

Its main function is to manage computer hardware, software resources, etc. and to help computer programs to work.

It is important to have an operating system for any type of computer device.

Again, an operating system is a computer system that acts as a means of establishing a connection between the user and the computer.

We all know that computer is a machine and computer cannot understand the instructions given in our language.

So, in this case, the job of the operating system is to explain the instructions given by the user to the computer correctly.

Through an OS the computer can understand the instructions given by each user and thus provide the output.

Simply put, users cannot use it without an operating system.

What is the function of Microsoft Windows?

What does Windows do? The answer to that question is,

Windows does all the work that an operating system does.

  • Managing computer hardware, software resources, etc.
  • Creating a simple environment for the user to use the computer.
  • Helping computer programs to work.
  • Connecting between user and computer.
  • Explain the instructions given by the user to the computer in its language.
  • Controlling peripheral devices.
  • File management, memory management, process management, etc. to do the work.

What are the features of Windows operating system?

There is a lot to be said about the features of Windows.

Today most people are using Microsoft Windows OS on their PC (personal computer).

And so, there must be some reason for so much popularity.

  1. With Windows OS you can work much faster. Multitasking, application, file management, etc. can be done in a smooth way. However, how fast the OS works depends a lot on the hardware configuration of your computer.
    You will find all kinds of software’s and applications for Windows on the Internet. Moreover, software compatibility but much better in the case of Windows operating system.
  2. You do not need heavy hardware configuration to use Windows OS on your computer. Computer systems with 4GB RAM memory can also operate smoothly using Windows 7. Moreover, Windows 10 and most of the lower hardware computer systems are well equipped.
  3. When it comes to looks and design, any version of Windows is my favorite. Windows 7, 8 or 10 Every Windows version must have modern and attractive looks and design.
  4. Windows OS looks very clean and organized.
  5. You do not have to worry about viruses and security, because with Windows 10 we are provided with essential Windows security options and Windows defender antivirus protection.
  6. Official updates are automatically downloaded and installed on a regular basis, adding new features, functions and security options automatically.

What are the types of Windows?

Any operating system can be divided into different types.

However, Windows operating systems are basically divided into two special parts.

  1. Single User OS
  2. Multiple User OS

Let’s face it – most people don’t know much about Windows.

1. Single user Windows OS
In the case of single user OS, only one person can use the computer at a time.

Most people now use this type of OS on their PC / laptops at home or in the office.

2. Multiple user Windows OS
This type of OS allows one or more people to work on that computer at a time.

Multi user operating systems are mainly used in big companies.

In this case, different computers can connected through a network and work within an OS.

Which Windows is better? Which version should I use?

See friends, the answer to this question is absolutely straightforward and easy.

You can use whatever Windows version you like.

However, I suggest you use “Windows 7” or “Windows 10”.


1. Windows 7 operating system will work much faster in any low hardware configuration system.

In addition, Windows 7 has modern features, visuals and software support.

Auto updates and security features are a must see in this version of Windows.

2. Windows 10 is by far the best of me.

Security, features, functions and software support are all here.

Moreover, advanced security and firewall options make this OS even more important.

Gaming, official work or entertainment Windows 10 is the best with me in every case.

However, keep in mind that your computer must have at least 4GB RAM and a good dual-core or quad core processor to install Windows 10.

Otherwise, the computer may slow down or hang.

Advantages of Microsoft Windows – (Advantages of Windows OS)

Microsoft Windows has a lot of advantages, some of which I will explain below.

  • Easy to use – This operating system is very easy to use. Due to various updates and changes made by Microsoft from time to time, the use of this OS has become much easier.
  • Hardware support – Microsoft Windows hardware support is very good for any hardware device. Due to its high usage, any hardware company makes driver software related to hardware with Windows support.
  • Gaming support – If you want to enjoy the latest gaming, then Windows 10 is the best operating system for you. You can easily run the latest hardware and software for the latest gaming in Windows OS.
  • Plug & play support – Basically in Windows 10 OS we see this plug & play feature in a special way. Because, almost all hardware components support Windows a lot. So, you can use different types of hardware directly in your system by plugin.
  • Easy to get – You can easily buy many versions of Microsoft Windows in any computer shop or online. Moreover, you can download and use the free copy of Windows 10 from Microsoft’s website.

Windows Disadvantages – (Disadvantages of Windows)

Of course, Windows operating system has many disadvantages as well as advantages.

  • Price – The price of Microsoft Windows OS is much higher than other OS. Therefore, it is not possible for everyone to use this OS.
  • Security – Windows OS security has already been practiced a lot. It has been found that Windows OS is easily hacked. There are currently several advanced security options, although the security of this OS has always been in question.
    Automatic updates – Currently Windows OS automatically downloads and installs updates using the Internet. Although this is a good thing to do, in some cases excessive use of the Internet and the system restart on its own can annoy you.

Our last word,

So friends, today we know what Microsoft Windows is (about Microsoft Windows in Bangla) and its different types and versions.

Also, we learned some information about the history of Windows.

However, you like today’s article I wrote about Windows,

Then you must share the article.

In addition, if you have any questions or suggestions related to the article,

Please let me know by commenting below.


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