Which University Has Highest International Students?

The University of Southern California (USC) has the highest number of international students enrolled in it. As per the report from Institute of International Education, USC had 11,912 international enrollments for fall 2019. The university is known for its diverse student body and has a wide range of courses to choose from which makes it an attractive choice for many international students.
It also provides excellent resources such as academic counseling and career services that assist them in making their transition smoother. Furthermore, USC offers generous financial aid packages which helps many international applicants meet their financial needs while studying at the university.

The University of Southern California (USC) is widely recognized as having the highest number of international students enrolled. USC has a diverse student body from over 130 countries and offers a range of undergraduate, graduate, and professional programs to meet the needs of all types of learners. Many international students are attracted by the unique academic setting at USC which provides an opportunity for them to interact with other cultures while still receiving top-notch education.
Additionally, its location in Los Angeles gives students access to plenty of cultural activities and events that help broaden their understanding and appreciation for different ways of life around the world.

Which Us School Accepts the Most International Students?
The United States is a popular destination for international students, and many universities are known for their large populations of foreign students. One school that stands out in particular when it comes to recruiting overseas talent is the University of Southern California (USC). Located in Los Angeles, CA, USC attracts thousands of international students from more than 100 countries each year.

The university boasts an impressive range of academic programs which span the sciences, law, business and engineering. International undergraduates have access to a variety of scholarships and financial aid options to help them finance their studies at USC. In addition to its strong academics, USC also offers numerous opportunities for cultural exchange through student organizations and social activities on campus.
With its vibrant city life and warm climate year-round, Los Angeles has something for everyone – making it an ideal choice for studying abroad in the US!
Which City Has the Most International Students in Usa?

New York City is the most popular city in the United States for international students, with over 50,000 enrolled in the fall of 2019. The majority of these students come from China, India and South Korea. New York’s appeal lies in its diverse culture, world-class universities and abundant job opportunities.

This makes it an ideal destination for ambitious international students looking to gain a global perspective while also developing their career prospects. Other cities that are highly attractive to international students include Los Angeles, Boston and San Francisco – all of which boast impressive academic programs as well as vibrant cultural scenes and job markets. It is no surprise then that so many foreign nationals choose these U.S cities when pursuing their educational goals abroad!

Which Country Has the Most International Students in Usa?

The United States of America is home to the largest international student population in the world. In 2018, there were over 1 million international students studying at universities and colleges across the US. Of these students, China had the highest number with more than 363,000 students enrolled in American institutions of higher learning.

India held second place with nearly 206,000 international students attending college or university in the US that year. South Korea came third with just under 70,000 internationally-based scholars taking classes or conducting research within American borders. These three countries alone accounted for more than 62% of all foreign nationals studying in US schools during this period.

Other top countries for sending their citizens abroad to study included Saudi Arabia (just over 18,500), Taiwan (close to 17,700) and Canada (over 15,800).

What is the No 1 Public University Chosen by International Students?

The number one public university chosen by international students is the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA).Established in 1919, UCLA has a long and distinguished history as an internationally renowned research university. With its world-class faculty and highly ranked programs across many disciplines, UCLA provides a top-notch education to all of its students regardless of their nationality or background.

The campus is also home to more than 13,000 international students from over 114 countries around the world who come to study here each year. As one of the most diverse institutions in the United States with nearly 60% of its student body coming from outside California, UCLA offers an incredible array of cultural experiences for its international population. From attending events on campus such as International Week or watching films at our Global Film Festival to joining any one of hundreds student organizations devoted to global engagement, there are countless opportunities for those who want to explore different cultures while developing a deeper understanding about our own society and culture too.

Universities With Most International Students in Usa

According to US News, the universities with the most international students in the United States are New York University (NYU), Columbia University, and Purdue University. NYU has an estimated 18,000 international students enrolled while Columbia is home to around 8,700 international students from over 150 countries. Purdue is also a top destination for internationals boasting nearly 9,000 of them representing 130 different nations.


Overall, it is clear that universities in the United States attract an impressive number of international students each year. Although there are many great institutions to choose from, New York University has consistently topped the list as having the highest number of international students enrolled each year. This speaks to NYU’s commitment to fostering a diverse and global student body and providing them with excellent educational opportunities.

With its strong reputation for academic excellence and cutting-edge research, NYU is certainly an attractive destination for international students seeking higher education abroad.

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